I am selling these small paintings as part of the artist support pledge set up on Instagram.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists have found themselves without work whether it be teaching, technical support or gallery work; exhibitions and sales have disappeared.
This scheme has been set up to support artists. Artists such as myself have been posting images of our work on Instagram that we are willing to sell for no more than £200 each (not including shipping).

Every time I reach £1000 of sales, I pledge to spend £200 on another artist/s work. @artistsupportpledge 

Please tell your friends, colleagues and collectors to support us. Let generosity be infectious.

If you are interested in buying please email me:

Please see sizes on each image as they are not scaled (I'm not clever enough to do that!)

Happy to reserve work for 48 hours, after which it will be returned for sale

On the edge, Silwick, Shetland

Watercolour, ink and graphite on water colour paper.

Size of painting: 140x140mm.

Presented in a thick double mount ready for framing.

£100 plus P&P

Wind-blown, Brindister, Shetland

Oil on watercolour paper 


£200 plus P&P

Cloud watching 2, Brindister, Shetland

oil on board


 £200 plus p&p

RESERVED Cloud watching 1, Brindister, Shetland 

oil on board,


£200 plus p&p

Weather study 4, Brindister, Shetland 

Watercolour and graphite on Sanderson watercolour paper.

Image size 170x270mm, full paper size 280x380mm 

£200 plus p&p

Summer Storm, Dale of Walls, Shetland

Oil on paper and card 


£200 plus p&p

Weather study 6, Brindister, Shetland Watercolour and graphite on thick Sanderson w/c paper

Image size 150x280mm 

Paper size 280x380mm

£200 plus p&p

Weather study 5, Brindister,

Shetland series

Watercolour and graphite on thick thick Sanderson w/c paper

Image size 170x270mm, paper size 280x380mm

£200 plus p&p

Pool through the woods 3, North Mendips . Oil on paper 140x140mm presented in a double card mount ready for framing.

£160 plus p&p

Through the woods 1, North Mendips .

Oil on paper 140x140mm

presented in a double card mount ready for framing.

£100 plus p&p

Rain over Ness of Noonsburgh, Shetland 

Mixed media on watercolour paper.

Size 160x160mm.

Presented in a double frame mount 305x305mm

ready for framing.

£100 plus postage

Gale-force, Watsness,Shetland

Mixed media on board. 210x210mm.

My birthday posting!

£200 plus postage.

Bright Day, Brindister

Oil on board 160x210mm

£195 plus postage

Approaching night over Brindister

mixed media on watercolour paper


£200 plus postage

Watching the wind across the voe

oil on canvas and board


£200 plus postage

Early morning swell, Brindister

oil on board, 150x150mm

£170 plus postage

RESERVED Incoming from the West Side, Burrastow,

watercolour and graphite on Saunders watercolour paper


£200 plus P&P

Jig-jag of lapwing over Hurdi Field

mixed media on paper 130x120mm

£75 plus P&P


Lying in the heather on The Wards  

120 x 115mm mixed media on paper

£75 plus P&P

Crokna Vord (Lapwing overhead)

mixed media on paper 170x180cm

£90 plus P&P


Blowing over Crooie Hill

mixed media 155x190mm

£90 plus P&P

©2018 Janette Kerr