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  • Janette Kerr Land of Ice

Experimenting with frozen landscapes

Given I have been working in a frozen landscape it seems appropriate to make some experimental work reflecting this so I decided to try to incorporate ice into my drawings.

I made a long landscape drawing/painting and then asked one of the other artists to tear it into sections ( as I couldn't bring myself to tear it up). Using found empty plastic containers - cups and boxes - I placed a section of the drawing in each and poured melted snow water in so that they were submerged. I then placed them out into the landscape.

A few days and a few snow storms later I went out and collected them


I then left them to melt and recorded the process

It would be great to be able to repeat this some time and to exhibit the partial frozen blocks but I have no idea how I could do this.

These are the set of fragments retrieved as they emerged from their frozen state.

I have plans to mount and frame them. I also intend to try to make some drawings from the frozen fragment images.

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