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  • Janette Kerr Land of Ice

Scenes of Skagaströnd from solargraphs

My project setting up pinhole cameras around Skagaströnd has now finished. The cameras were made from beer cans brought with me. I gave a workshop to the other artists who all made one and then went out to set them up armed with tape and plastic tags. The cans were collected in before I left; some had been out for about 17 days while others had been sitting out in the landscape for nearly six weeks facing everything that the weather threw at them.

Some faired better than others; the one attacked by ponies did not yield much of an image, some had water damage from ice and snow, which was unsurprising given how long they had sat out in snowstorms and high winds, but others gave some great images. Facing south the lines in the sky show the daily movements of the sun across the landscape. So here are the best ones:

Elf rock and harbour buildings

from the end of the harbour

Nes Studio and sea

wooden bridge and beach

From bridge looking seawards

sea and mountains from Nes studio

from sea cliffs

sea and mountains

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