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Trials and errors

The temperature has been up and down here over the past few days. Sunshine and blue sky one day and snow the next. When it's windy it feels really really cold outside.

Thought I'd share with you a few sketches I've made since I've arrived. They're just attempts to catch the light, and shapes of the hills and ice.

Snow covered hills

Hills across the bay with icebergs floating

These are all made outside staring hard at the icebergs and slowly changing sky, or the mist moving across the snow-covered hills surrounding Oqaatsut. Trying to get something down on paper that resembles something of what I am seeing.

Then there's been a bit of fiddling with them when I get back inside, which sometimes results in ruining the drawing.

Don't think most of my drawings actually look like icebergs! I should probably stop using so much charcoal.


Ice bergs and ice-filled bay

iceberg at night

I have more but will save them for the next post.

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1 Comment

Apr 16, 2022

like the bits of blue ...

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