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Tuesday February 4th - Under a Payne's Grey sky

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

This morning when I woke up the sky was filled with small black and white birds, not sure what they are – snow birds I’ve been told – there must be a proper name for them. It wasn’t light until after 9am, although when I looked out there were already children playing on swings and running around in the playground. Must get my act together and get up earlier!

The sky is a Payne's Grey. I have to go out.

I walk along the road skirting the sea, watching the ever-increasing pancake ice swelling with the tide, finding houses impressively engulfed in snow, and ending up at the harbour where there has been earlier carnage.

Red leaching into white

Gulls are swooping down grabbing morsels and fighting overhead, which is entertaining for a while. Then I head up the road to the outskirts of the town; the mountain is fast disappearing as snow begins to fall. It's pretty quiet, not much on the roads; a few folk pass me and probably wonder why anyone is walking around in this weather.

Snow coming in

The crows sound different here. There's one calling over head with a distinctly Icelandic accent. I try to imitate and he/she hangs around for a bit before leaving me to my snowy walk.

I'm trying to find possible sites to set up my pinhole cameras. Need to do this soon so I can leave them up for as long as possible. I've been told to check with the Kerrin, our Nes organiser, that the sites I chose are okay, so I have to photograph each location and possible stick I want to tie the tins to and send them to her to get the okay. Even so I get distracted and can't resist going off piste to make a quick (and not very good) drawing of that mountain. But it's the first so I can be forgiven.

I'm back in the studio - it's 10.43 at night. No-one else is here so I'm playing music as I write all this and I'm tired so please excuse the rather poor prose. In between starting to write all this I've been summoned for a lovely meal cooked by Alex (from various places in the USA) and been entertained by both him and Sarah (from Montreal, Canada). I need to go back and go to sleep. But it's raining outside - yes we have rain! How ridiculous! But apparently there are storms a coming...

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1 Comment
Feb 19, 2020

Janette, your idea of a 'not very good' drawing is one I would frame! Wonderful.

Enjoying your blog and remembering all the places we've been - both under the midnight sun and in the blizzard coditions you're experiencing. Magical place!

Best wishes,


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