Thank you to all those lovely people who bought my small paintings and helped to fund my 2020 art residency at Skagaströnd in Iceland. My Iceland Blog (see menu above) records my adventures and the work I made

   1   158x159mm oil on board SOLD

3  172x168mm oil on w/c paper   SOLD

5  150x228mm oil on board  SOLD

7  150x210mm  oil on w/c paper  SOLD

10  147x219mm oil on w/c paper   SOLD

12  150x121mm   oil on card SOLD

14  156x156mm oil on w/c paper   SOLD

16    127x210mm oil on w/c paper   SOLD

18   130x170mm oil on w/c paper  SOLD

20  130x171mm oil on w/c paper  SOLD

22   130x173mm gesso, ink and watercolour on w/c paper  SOLD

24   140x192mm  gesso, ink and w/c on card  SOLD

26  145x172mm oil on card   SOLD

28  130x172mm     oil on w/c pape SOLD

30  130x170mm oil on paper  SOLD

8  130x170mm oil on w/c paper SOLD

2  157x220mm gesso, ink and w/c on card SOLD

 4  175x200mm gesso, ink and w/c on card   SOLD

6  150x222mm gesso, ink and w/c on card  SOLD

9   149x210mm   oil on w/c paper   SOLD

11  150x220mm oil on paper   SOLD

13  147x210mm oil on w/c paper   SOLD

15   120x210mm watercolour and graphite on w/c paper  SOLD

17  128x232mm oil on card SOLD

19  130x170mm oil on w/c paper   SOLD

21   130x172mm oil on w/c paper  SOLD

23  140x190mm   oil on card  SOLD

25  140x192mm oil on w/c paper  SOLD

27   146x200mm oil on w/c paper   SOLD

 29    165x210mm gesso, oil and graphite on w/c paper  SOLD

32   126x178mm on Ampersand panels with a depth of 2cm   SOLD

©2018 Janette Kerr