Greenland residency

Two months in Oqaatsut

IMG_8663 copy.jpg


I’m in Oqaataut, a settlement on a small peninsular far from any roads (there are very few roads in Greenland). I arrived by snow mobile from Ilullisaat (21kilomtres over snow and ice), the bay being too full of ice to make the journey by sea. 

It's tricky arriving in a place and not knowing it, and then being left to get on with it. Not many people live here and those that do speak Greenlandic and Danish with a smattering of English.


I spend some time thinking about drawing and making paintings. I feel edgy. I mean that in the sense of feeling not exactly comfortable, edgy is some times a good place to be when making work, but I am just still not sure yet what to do here, what to do with all this ice. Maybe it’s enough for now just to walk and look. 

I haven't had time to digest the experience or start to make any large scale work. That will come during the next year. 

If you would like to read the blogs I wrote while I was out there here is a link to the first one and you'll find the others there


Below are a few of the sketchbook size drawings and paintings, and experimental pieces  I made on site.

A selection of icebergs (there are more....)

iceberg a.jpg
iceberg b.jpg
iceberg c.jpg
iceberg 1.jpg
turning ice berg

Ice berg turning over and settling

IMG_20220513_211753 copy.jpg

Fishing boat negotiating the broken ice sheet in the bay - harbour side


My attempts to capture the broken ice


Back to icebergs - think snow storm and build up of icebergs in the bay

drawing .jpg
iceberg at night.jpg
lonei ceberg_edited.jpg

Experimenting with embedding paintings in ice shards

ice drawings 1.jpg
ice draw 6.jpg
ice draw 3.jpg
ice draw 4.jpg
more iceberg.jpg
Drawing on the ice sheet .jpg

Sitting on the ice drawing with the sea flowing somewhere beneath me

That's enough - there's a lot more