I've been busy all summer here in Shetland. Put up the first of the tour of the collaborative video and sound installation 'Confusing Shadow with Substance' at Easthouse Heritage Centre, on Burra, and launched the now permanent innovative (uses GPS) locative Stenness Sound Walk (see info below) which is linked this to the international Sound Walk September event - walks happening all over the world here's a link to this and you can hear some of the sound clouds


Have managed to get some painting done - but not enough! 

















I've contributed 3 pictures to the RWA Postcard fund-raising auction - look on line and see if you can find them... and bid!! 


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Ling received: fishermen of the far haaf – a sound walk around Stenness

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A sound walkat Stenness Fishing station, Northmavine, created collaboratively with film/sound artist Jo Millett, and artists collective Satsymph: 

This sound walk invites you to explore Stenness beach as it once was – an important fishing station until late 19th century. Re-imagine the beach as a hive of activity, where communities of fishermen and traders made temporary homes over summer months.

Placed in the landscape are audio fragments of sounds and voices, taken from observations of early travellers and archival documents directly relating to deep sea ‘haaf’ fishing: agreements binding men to the summer fishing, indebtedness, accounts of storms and loss of life, even what the fishermen bought for their tea –  so you will encounter many different voices as you wander around the beach.
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Now available from early September coinciding with the Shetland film festival - September 1st 2021 and then ongoing. It's a permanent site-specific sound walk so you need to go to Stenness Beach, Northmavine, Shetland, to experience it. Details are on our project website: 

There is a leaflet available in various locations (TI in Lerwick has some).

Instructions on how to download the app and the QR code to scan are also here:

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