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Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 23.22.55.png

My little painting on the green wall at the RSA 2024 Annual exhibition - starts on Friday May 10th. Let me know if you find it!!

 Royal Scottish Academy (RSA), Edinburgh

Qanunge - imaqa. Oqaatsut, Greenland copy.jpeg

Here's a closer look - the title is Qanunge - imaqa, Oqaatsut, watercolour/mixed media on 300gm paper, 19.5x34.5cm.

It’s an image I made in Greenland, so think snow/ice/sea/storm

 'qanunge' means to snow and 'imaqa' means maybe

In my studio I'm working on a new group of paintings to show later this year

studio work in progress.jpg
Sea høvin him op, Voe of Dale 31x35cm oil on wood panel.jpg

Sea høvin him op, Voe of Dale 31x35cm oil on wood panel

This is one of the little paintings delivered to the Open Eye Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh.

Available and on show from May 30th

Sjoljogo -between weathers is part of a group of paintings I'm currently showing with Clifton Contemporary Gallery in Clifton, Bristol:

Sjoljogo -between weathers, Stenness. oil on wood panel 45x60cm copy.jpeg

Sjoljogo -between weathers, Stenness

Hendrick Gin promotional film featuring me!

Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 00.08.26.png
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