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Svalbard - High Arctic Expedition

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In Autumn 2016 I traveled to the High Arctic sailing up the coast of Svalbard from Longyearbyen to Fuglefjorden on a tall ship as part of a 3 week expedition with the Arctic Circle, an annual expeditionary residency programme.

Working with such a remarkable landscape I felt overwhelmed by the sheer scale of such an extreme environment on the peripheries of the world. Landing and walking beside glaciers, up into drifting mist hanging in dark snow-strewn mountains, standing on deck watching a thunder grey and pale blue world passing, and trying to capture all this on paper was an impossible task. New work slowly emerged in the studio reflecting the experience.

My journey through the Arctic is charted in

Small monochrome mixed media drawings

Large drawings and paintings 2018

Fjortende Julibukta  mixed media on canv

Fjortende Julibukta  mixed media on canvas 112cm x 150cm (available from studio - price on application)

Falling, Hiorthfjellet. 130x130cm oil on

Falling, Hiorthfjellet
oil on canvas 130x130cm

Dissolving,  Fjortende Julibukta , Oil o

Dissolving, Fjortende Julibukta 

oil on canvas 150x130cm


Hiothfjellett in ice fog
Graphite on Mylar, 135x 80cm  (currently reworking this drawing)

Fjortende Julibukta, diptych,  mixed med

Fjortende Julibukta 1 & 2  mixed media on paper 2019 available to buy from studio - price on application

Gipsvika, 78°26,2´N, 016°25,9´E

Gipsvika, Svalbard, mixed media on paper, 78°26,2´N, 016°25,9´E

Where dark and light are bound together,

Where dark and light are bound together, Fuglefjorden,
oil on canvas 150x130cm.

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