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Thoughts on colour - or lack of it

Updated: Mar 17

Just added a link to the rather roughly put together film (the word 'film' is said loosely). I took it out the window of the mini bus with my phone on the night return trip from Blonduos to Skagastrond.

Needs editing and some transitions but I can't remember how to do this in iMovie. Hopefully someone will tell me and I can improve on it. Equally I rather like the shaky and abstract quality of the forms that appear as we travel through the darkness.

Tuesday 18th Feb

Blue grey light - mountains across the bay sandwiched between dark line of sea and soft fuzzy line of dark blue-grey cloud. A monochrome world with a few exceptions. White ice lines crisscrossing on black tarmac road, interrupted by the red tail-light glow of trucks passing. Street lights not yet on. Most buildings here are pale, a few red roofs and brick, but mainly grey. If there’s grass it’s buried under snow. Mounds of ice piling up dirty white – that snow-plough has been out again. The green roof of the service station stands unique, orange light spilling from the shop.... I just realised that the other green colour is in the vibrant emerald green stained glass windows of the ultra modern church.

Wednesday Feb 19th

There is such good light this morning as I'm walking along the harbour having just visited the reference library in search of old photographs of fishermen (not got any yet)

It's a day for being out there and drawing and wandering about and looking

I’ve been staring at that white and black and every shade in between mountain again and wondering what the people who live here feel about it. Do they notice or has it become such a fixture in everyday life that it’s passed without a thought?

And trying to draw it..- already looks like a drawing so not sure why I'm bothering. The paint freezes on the page (forgot the vodka again).

And then I make a fast drawing using sea water - it still freezes

Thursday 20th Feb

White-out. Snow flowing blowing whirling drifting; piling up on my window Another storm has kept me at the house (and awake last night). Small black and white birds fly by struggling against the wind.

I’m going out.

Buffeted along the road, snow hits me, thick and blowing across the ground. I can hardly see where I'm going - which is part of the adventure.

When I reach the studio the building seems to be disappearing beneath the snow.

Snow and ice forming on the windows start to resemble my drawings.

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